Some fandoms that I was enjoying drawing:

2021 - Genshin Impact
2018 - 2020 Harry Potter

2017 - 2019 Haikyuu!!, BNHA
2016 - 2018 South Park

Some fandoms that I was enjoying drawing:

2021 - Genshin Impact
2018 - 2020 Harry Potter

2017 - 2019 Haikyuu!!, BNHA
2016 - 2018 South Park


Original Characters:

Mir - blond in yellow
Tisha - brunette in tiger shirt

Leesya - red headed in pink/orange
Len/Lenchik - blond with piercing

Pencil Sketches


frequently asked questions

What are your brushes?
Every time I post an artwork my Patrons get their own post with a speedpaint where they see which brushes were used in that specific drawing since I tend to switch brushes.

Can I repost your work?

Do you take commissions?

What program do you use?
Right I use now Procreate.
I used Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6 before 2018. Then started to experiment with Procreate in 2018 in addition to those programs. Since 2019 I use only Procreate.

What tablet do you use?
iPad Pro 2017 and iPad 2018 (not Pro.)
Used to use Wacom Intuos P&T M

If you’d like to try out drawing on iPad you’ll be able to draw without problems on any new iPad that supports Apple Pencil :)

Did you attend art school or something?
I’m a self-taught artist. I tend to learn stuff better when I research by myself tho, drawing was my main interest since childhood :)

Did you record your drawing process?
Yes, I have a speedpaint of almost (99.9%) every artwork that I draw for the past years on my Patreon.
On TikTok or Instagram there are some sneak picks of drawing processes sometimes as well (tho they are just for entertaining videos)

Do you do streams?
I used to stream a lot many years ago. Now I’m considering of creating a new fresh Twitch channel to stream again :) It probably will have another nickname tho.

May I draw your original characters (AUs)?
Оf course! I’d be very very happy to see it !!! QWQ
Tag me so I will see it :)
Sometimes I do DTIYS with my OCs as well so you may take part in it, have fun and make my happy with your piece :D

Can I repost your art ... ?

(What is a "repost"?)

If use: Don't edit my art anyhow


Please tag me in the comments if you see that someone reposted my art, or just send it to me! DMs are open for it. Thank you! 💕

Answer: Read info on my Instagram account. If you are not a regular reposter account and want to use my art - DM me.

Always credit on your profile bio if use my art as an icon.
E.G.: icon/pfp by @vikconder (@VikConder)
(Don't repost, only credit an icon)

If you like what I do (as you use my art) - also leave a link “support the artist:” or “for more of vik’s exclusive content check out her” or anything nice, it will be really appreciated! Art is hard and I draw for many years to improve my skill and content to do cool things and make someone happier. So support is really important! Thank you! 💕
Your repost can always be claimed and removed as well as blocking account.I’m tired of annoying reposters (after joining HP community) who didn't respect others work.I’m getting more and more annoyed of disrespectful people who use my art and I might prohibit to use my AT ALL and report you all (if I went insane and crazy:p). Someone was lazy to find artists before publishing someone’s work but I will show you how I won’t be lazy to write hundreds of reports.Thank for listening, hope for your understanding!

And thanks for you attention! 💕

No. Or DM me.

Can I use your artwork ... ?

3. ... as my icon/header image? (tumblr/twitter/etc)
Sure, but credit me properely in your profile (with a clickable link), thanks!
E.G.: icon/pfp by @vikconder (@VikConder) if I use the same platform and @tag is clickable. Or put a clickable with link of my instagram or twitter.
(Don't repost, only credit an icon)

4. ... for my fanfic?
Sure. If my artwork somehow inspired you on writing a fanfic, you may say about it on your planform :) (Also, if that's is, I'd like to know about it qwq)
Or it would be nice if you would take a commission, I have already done commissions for HP fanfics, for example :) Or DM me.

5. ... for my edit? (video with pictures)
I think it's okay if you give respectful credits to artists whose artworks you are using!
Here's my favorite one with my OCs, made by a cool editor!

Social Media Rules

I block for character comparison (e.g. “he looks like //-//-// from my fav anime”) on all of my socials and for any kind of hate (e.g. simple shiphate)Don’t copy/spoil/edit (filters, collage) my art! (DM me if it was taken or changed, please!)Please, respect other people work and don't forget about copyright!Or you will be reported.
Please, message if you see that someone reposted my art. Thank you! 💕


My name is Viktoria, but call me just Vik! As you already know I am a Russian artist! (So if you are learnin Russian I can help you a bit haha) I made this "about" thing if you want to know something about me as if I would me a youtuber or something haha. Or follow my insta stories/twitter 😂

B-Day: 4 MayAs I'm a Harry Potter fan: Ravenclaw, Thunderbird, patronus - nightjar. Birds squad!Coloring is my favorite part of drawing process! But on paper I enjoy sketching.Single lolI use too many emojis when I’m excited 😭💦💕💦💦💕💕💕💦💕(You my notice it in my comments haha)I have anxiety about my art sometimes. At those moments I close commissions but continue drawing and update my Patreon.I love my original characters (and other people who are making their own ones) and want to draw comics about them. I'm getting really happy when people are interested in them! (And I really love their fanart...)I enjoy singing and playing the guitar and ukulele, it makes me relax and cheers me up when I'm sad.I love discussing Haikyuu.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

1. Могу я взять твою работу?

2. Заказы/комишки?

3. Реквесты/трейды?
На Patreon / только с друзьями или знакомыми (но у меня не так много времени для этого, если честно)

4. Какой программу использвешь?
Сейчас только Procreate. Раньше были только Paint Tool SAI и Photoshop CS6 до 2018 (Исключительно Procreate начиная с 2019)

5. Какие у тебя планшеты?
iPad Pro (and iPad) & apple pencil, Wacom Intuos P&T M

6. Могу я нарисовать твоих персонажей?
Конечно! Я буду только рада! Не забудьте тэгнуть меня!
Выкладываю ваши работы моих персонажей в свои инста-сторис <з
Можете загрузить рисунок в альбом VK (с соответствующим названием!)
Также можете принять участие в draw-this-in-youк-style челлендже!

7. Ты ходила в художественную школу?
Я самоучка

8. Ты стримишь?
На русском в VK по субботам! (донаты приветствуются)

9. Записывала ли ты процесс рисования?
Да, загляните на мой YouTube канал и Instagram IGTV (ссылки во вкладке "Home" или "All Socials")
Больше процессов рисования можно найти на моем Patreon, новые каждый месяй, в начале видео также видно какие кисти я использовала.

Пожалуйста, оповестите меня в лс группы VK, если мои работы кто-то взял без того "кредита" (указания) меня как художника, как я этого прошу! Спасибо большое! 💕

Могу ли я пере-публиковать твои работы?

1. [Правила перепубликации работ в VK здесь] в графе "Репосты"

2. Могу ли я выложить твой рисунок в свой Instagram аккаунт?
Нет. Или напишите мне

3. Могу ли я выложить твои рисунки в другие соц.сети?

Могу ли я использовать твой рисунок?

4. Могу ли я использовать твой рисунок как иконку? (twitter/tumblr/и т.д.)
Да, но только с соответствующим указания автора с кликабильной ссылкой на источник
Пример: icon (pfp или юп) by @VikConder (если я пользуюсь этой платформой и тэг кликабилен) или ссылка

5. Могу ли я использовать твой рисунок как аву VK?
Читай правила VK

Все обновления правил на русском языке будут только в VK

Правила в соц. сетях

Читайте тут (VK) за что я баню, за что можно получить репорт, про использование моих рисунков, что нельзя делать с моими работами и т.д.


Меня зовут Виктория, но можете звать меня просто Вик! (Век, Вег, Вика тоже норм ахах) Как вы уже знаете, я художница! Я добавила эту штуку сюда, если вам интересно что-то узнать обо мне, будь я каким-то ютубером хахах. Или просто следите за мной в инстасторис/твиттере/вк хд

ДР: 4 маяТ.к. я фанатка Гарри Поттера: Ravenclaw, Thunderbird, патронус - nightjar. Все птицы в сборе! хд"Покрас" - моя любиая часть процесса рисования! Но на бумаге мне больше нравится скетчить.Single lolИспользую кучу эмодзи, когда восторжена 😭💦💕💦💦💕💕💕💦💕(Что можно заметить по моим комментариям хд)У меня бывают внезапные периоды тревожности касательно моего творчества. В эти моменты я закрываю заказы, но продолжаю рисовать для себя и обновлять Patreon.Я люблю своих персонажей (также как и тех, кто создает своих собственных), я бы хотела нарисовать с ними комикс. И я безумно счастлива, когда вижу, что кто-то заинтересован в них! (И люблю их фанарт...)Нравится петь и играть на гитаре и укулеле, это помогает мне расслабиться и взбодриться, когда мне грустно.Обожаю обсуждать Haikyuu.

STATUS: (half) opened
Busy status: busy
The form to commission me is available !

Fill in the form and I’ll contact you!
Might be busy so I'll tell you the timing of when I'll be available for your commission!

That’s a google doc link where I you can see a queue of my currently active commissions, the process and how busy I am :)

Updating the price list. Might be taken them on ko-fi.

2019 price list*

Commissions are open again!✨ (after a long time)
Signal boosts (rts/reblogs/sharing) are really appreciated!
This post on twitter, tumblr, instagram.💛

Payment: via PayPal, upfront, USD.
I don’t draw NSFW, gore, mecha/robot. Any kind of animals is an extra cost.
(Commissions with my favorite characters are welcomed)

Customer must pay 5.5% PayPal fee.
Prices depends on complexity. Very derailed characters/BG will cost more.
I have the right to reject a commission request if I feel uncomfortable to draw it (or for any other reasons), sorry in advance.
Example: Bust with C style is 15+4+5 USD (and +10 for extra details) + 5% of the sum
Maths with Vik 👏

Contact me via e-mail or my socials.
E-mail: [email protected]
Fill in the google form (so I won’t lost your contact and I’ll see a queue of commissions) and then message me. (I won’t message you first.)
Fill it in only if you are ready to take a commission. No need to do it if you just have a question (DM me.)

Write “A”, “B”, “C”, “Chibi” or “Textured” style and Bust, Waist Up or Full Body or Portrait and type of BG in the beginning of your message. (And amount of people)

Styles: (I called them “styles” conditionally, these are “ways of drawing”)
A - line work
B - flat colors
C - rendered
Chibi - cute full body colored dudes
Textured - very detailed coloring style
Portrait - draw not irl ppl (I draw characters) or draw stylized irl ppl (it’s not “academic/super realistic” art)

If you have no references it will cost more (e.g. if you want me to draw a reference for your character without any examples.) Then more visuals then better (for people and for BGs.)
After your commission description and our discussion about details I’ll orient you a cost. After payment I’ll send you a sketch where you can correct poses/details etc and I start to work on your commission. If I’ll have any questions I’ll message you (pls be on touch)
High quality drawing will be sent via e-mail.
If queue is long I’ll ask you to wait for some days! (I also take breaks to relax so I’ll not overwork myself)

Thank you for your time!! 💗

[art tag on tumblr]
Don't forget to check out my art gallery, socials, inprnt and Patreon!💛

Заказы закрыты

2020 price list*
+$7 for 2021

This post is on: instagram, twitter, tumblr, patreon.

Hello, my name is Vik! I love sketchbooking and enjoy drawing traditionally!

💬 Please, read everything bellow and then DM (e-mail) me + fill in the form bellow! Before or after messaging me. (Before is better.)


❌ I do NOT draw: NSFW, old ppl, mecha, furry faces, gore (blood is ok.) I have the right to reject a commission request if I feel uncomfortable to draw it (or for any other reasons), sorry in advance.
🍎 Commissions with my favorite characters are very welcomed ✌️
🍏 BG and any details may be discussed
🍐 Paper formats: A6-A5 (like as it would be in a sketchbook)

🌱 Payment is upfront, via PayPal, USD, and it has an additional paypal 5.5% fee. (I send a request.)
🍃 Price depends on complexity and additional stuff, so if a character has detailed costume or armor/robot, additional parts of the body - that’s extra for me so it will cost more.

🌵 Please, send a proper reference or description, because I can’t “undo” colour pencils/liners/watercolors. I hope you can depend on my skills and let me compliment colors of my pencils. But I can change them as you wish in digital render of photo.

🚨 I won’t send anything while quarantine! YALL STAY HOME!! 🙏
🚢 Shipping will be cost $7. (I have my stickers, you may buy them too tho.) If you want shipping but since it’s quarantine you can pay for it later!

🌳 I also have a Patreon, where you can support my art!
🌲 For $5+ tiers members are first commission slots! And I have $10 tier where I post my sketchbook spreads!!
🌴 Digital commissions are currently closed cuz all slots are taken and it wasn't updated for a year.

Перевод на русский

This post is on: instagram, twitter, tumblr, patreon.

Доброго времени суток, меня зовут Вик!

💬 Пожалуйста, прочитайте информацию ниже + заполните форму ниже! До или после написания мне. (Лучше до.)


❌ Не рисую: +18 (но кровь - ок), пожилых людей, меха, фурри лица (blood is ok.) Я могу отказать в рисовании заказа, если чувствую себя некомфортно или по каким-либо другим причинам, заранее извините.

🍎 Заказы с любимыми персонажами приветствуются ✌️
🍏 Фон и доп. детали обговариваемы.

🌱 Оплата наперед, на карту или PayPal.
🍃 Цена зависит от сложности, дополнительных вещей. Так что, если у персонажа детальный костюм или броня/роботизация, доп. части тела - это будет стоить больше.

🌵 Пожалуйста, подготовьте должный референс или описание, потому что я не могу "отменить" нарисованное на бумаге цветным карандашом/акварелью/лайнерами. Надеюсь, вы можете опереться на мои навыки и позволите мне сочетать цвета моих карандашей. Я могу изменить их как вам захочется в диджитал рендеренге фото.
🌿 Если вы ходите мне сдекорировать и разрисовать персонажами страницу А5, это будет $150.

🚨 Я не буду ничего отправлять во время карантина! СИДИТЕ ДОМА!!🙏
🚁 Я рисую на бумаге небольших размеров (5х5 см на голову), так что, если вы их захотите себе, - скажите мне заранее, и я не буду рисовать заказ в своем скетчбуке.
🚢 В РФ отправка будет 70 рублей заказным письмом. В страны СНГ - зависит от страны. (У меня также есть различные стикеры в группе вк, вы можете приобрести их тоже.) Если хотите заказать бумагу себе, но т.к. сейчас карантин, оплатить доставку можете позже!

🌳 У меня также есть Patreon, где вы можете поддержать мое творчество!
🌲 Для $5+ уровней подписки слоты для заказов на первом месте! И за уровень $10 tier можно получить доступ к моим разворотам в скетчбуке!!
🌴 Диджитал комишки сейчас закрыты, потому что все слота заняты, и прайслист не был обновлен с прошлого года.

You may just take screenshots of packs that you like and then contact me!
Shipping+PayPal fee is about $10.

Stickers $7:
BNHAHaikyuuHarry Potter MaraudersSouth Park #1

Stickers $7:
South Park #1South Park #2(My OCs) Mir(My OCs) Pink pack

Stickers $4:
Cookie Run #1Cookie Run #2(My OC) Oscar

Магазин не доступен

I would like to draw comics with my original characters in the future. Both scripts are unfinished. Currently, I work on the script of the first story. Also, I tend to redesign my characters after some time. Message me on insta/twi if you have any questions!

The 1st universe with my characters

About: Mir, 19 yo a freshman at an art academy, heard that every survived person obtains a unique ability. But no one is even talking about it. Does everyone hate their own strange talents as Mir?

Мир, 19-ти летний первокурстник худ. академии, слышал, что теперь у каждого выжившего человека в его городе есть необычная способность, но никто о этом не говорит. Возможно, они ненавидят свои странные таланты также, как и он свой?

Genre: Young adults, mystery / fantasy, parts of BL / LGBTQ+ characters, 16+. Will contains some warnings.

Miron/Mir/Mirosha: The blond guy who always wears sunglasses. He has some insecurities and tries to overcome them after starting a new life in an art academy. He tries not to talk about his past and scares to have close friends. Ironically, he loves people. He doesn't know much about the town he lives in so he just lives a chill life now. But forgetting the past doesn't mean the past forgot you.

Tisha: He meets Mir in the art academy where he studies and also works. He had no interest in communicating with him at first but the more he interacts with Mir the more he feels the connection. Though Mir acts strange, Tisha loves it, he's strange too. He hopes that they will have a bright future in this town that they build.

And... About 14 more characters :) Some are posted on Patreon and some on my socials.

The 2nd universe with my characters

About Kai: on patreon open page, on insta, on tumblr
About Vi: on patreon open page, on insta, on tumblr

Other 4 characters from this universe I posted on my Patreon.

A fantasy story with an afterlife world, which creatures may interact with people on Earth for worse or better afterlife purposes. The story of people that should not have ever met each other.

Genre: BL / GL / LGBTQ+ characters, fantasy / mystery. Will contains some warnings.

PayPal/Contact: [email protected]